Leading Edge Administrators

Third Party Health Benefits Administration built solely around the best interests of our clients

We’ve got your back.

Leading Edge is 100% independent of the inherent conflicts of carrier‐owned TPAs (Third Party Administrators) or any relationship where the network is also the TPA.

We’ve got your front.

Health care laws are changing at a dizzying speed, as are the compliance issues that surround it. Because our eye is always on what’s coming next, our clients stay one step ahead.

In Fact, we’ve got you covered all over.

Leading Edge works with twice the available national and regional networks as  other TPAs, so you can find the best sweet-spot between deepest discount and least  disruption during the transition to self-insuring.


Who we are

LEA is a truly independent healthcare innovator that is actively advancing the medical benefit landscape through our unique programs that dramatically reduce the overall costs of providing health benefits.

What we do

LEA provides our clients with efficient, effective, and easy to implement health benefit solutions that are custom crafted to optimize our clients’ desired outcomes.

Why that matters to you

Our proven systems will increase your cash flow, lower your costs, and give you better flexibility in your plan options – all without compromising your benefits.

Let us show you how to put insurance company profit back in your pocket

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