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Wage Parity Compliance Programs

Leading Edge Essentials Plus is a three-tiered benefit plan with each tier receiving a PPACA compliant, no copay MEC plan, and additional indemnity benefits. The indemnity benefits are direct pay providing different payouts based on an employee’s hourly work history (an hourly work history is defined as the number of benefit-eligible hours an employee has worked in a preceding month). A PPACA compliant MV plan can also be added.
Leading Edge Minimum Value provides protection from ALL ACA penalties at no cost to the employer when offered in conjunction with some of our Parity Plus plans. The employee must contribute 9.56% of their income in order to enroll.
Leading Edge Comprehensive Plus gives all employees working an average of 30 hours or more per week a Comprehensive package of benefits that includes Major Medical, Dental, Vision and Hearing Coverage. These benefits also make you QIVAPP compliant.
Leading Edge Flex Select offers tax-free flex benefit options based on a fixed employer contribution. They can be set according to company needs in meeting contribution compliance and in consideration of other benefits in place.

Flex Benefit Options

Employees use tax-free benefit money to pay for:
Copays, prescriptions, and other qualified medical expenses
Eligible medical, dental and vision-related services
Cell Phone
Work cell phone bills and services
Dependent Care
Qualified day care expenses
MetroCards, LIRR, Uber Pool, Lyft Share, NJ Transit and other various mass-transit passes
Qualified parking expenses
*The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminated any employer deductions for these benefits. However, it still remains excludable from the employee’s income.