Maximizing benefits while bringing integrity and compliance

Money saving/Penalty avoiding

  • Most of our Parity Plus Plans qualify as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), thus alleviating your employees of the Individual Mandate Penalty and protecting your LHCSA of the Employer Mandate Penalty.
  • Option of offering a Minimum Value (MV) plan for protection from all ACA penalties.

Ease of Use

  • The Parity Plus system is fully automated and interfaces directly with your payroll or time keeping software to ensure all hours are properly accounted for.
  • Billing and eligibility are updated within 48 hours of receipt of the file, ensuring that you are compliant and that your employees always have the right benefits.

Unique features

  • Leading Edge is the only TPA to guarantee that we will assist you with any DOH wage parity audit.

Employee benefits/Helpful Features

  • Service in multiple languages including, English, Spanish, Russian, French Creole, Mandarin, Cantonese, and others.
  • One toll free customer service number to help members understand the valuable benefits of the program.
  • Highly experienced service team available to help members utilize benefits and file claims.