Shared Savings Program

Leading Edge has pioneered a unique and mutually beneficial health care savings initiative that aids both the member and the insurer. Through the specialized services we offer and our ability to provide many benefits that are not found within commercial carriers, we are able to provide our clients with all the care the need without the huge price tag.

Since the onset of the Shared Savings Program in 2017, we have have experienced exponential growth in our annual savings and reach with about 60,000 insured lives in 2021.
Direct Negotiations

We use direct negotiation through the use of our diligent claims administration team whose mission is managing your self-funded plan and advocating on your behalf.

Claims Integrity

Our advanced auditing software coupled with our fraud, waste, and abuse investigators serve to ensure you only pay for legitimate claims.

Individual Carve-Outs

Our carve-outs allow for us to isolate specific health risks and services our members may need, providing more comprehensive health care.