Plan Compliance

ACA requires that applicable employers offer employees affordable healthcare coverage. If your company employs 50 or more Full-Time Equivalent Employees (FTEs), you are subject to the Affordable Care Act.

How does the government determine my total number of Full-Time Equivalent Employees (FTE)?

Okay, it’s a bit complicated. But in a nutshell, an employee who works an average of 30 or more hours per week is considered a FTE. Your total number of FTEs is calculated by taking the number of hours worked in a month by all part-time employees and dividing by 120.

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This number is added to your full-time employee count to determine you total number of FTEs. If this makes your head ache don’t worry. We make it all easy for you.

Coverage can range from minimum essential coverage (MEC) to what ACA regulations categorize as bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans.

Compliance with the ACA falls into two main categories, Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Minimum Value (MV) Plans. LEA offers a series of both MEC and MV plans, as well as access to a vast number of buy-up programs. We will work with you to clearly understand the value and the costs so you can confidently determine the best fit for your needs.

MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage)

This level of plan offers basic coverage that fulfills the individual employee’s obligation under the ACA to have a policy that provides minimum essential coverage. It offers preventive services only – immunization flu shots, preventative doctor visits and small list of prescriptions.

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It is important to note that if you only offer a MEC plan, your company can still be subject to certain penalties.

MV (Minimum Value Plans)

MV plans (also known as ‘Bronze Plans’) are a next level up. They provide complete compliance with the ACA. If you offer a MV plan to your employees that is “affordable” as defined by the ACA (meaning it does not exceed 9.5% of the employee’s Adjusted Gross Income), your company will not be subject to a penalty.