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The Affordable Care Act is complicated. Your compliance doesn’t have to be.

Beginning in 2015, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers of 100 or greater employees to offer health care coverage.  In 2016, that number has dropped to 50 employees.

Simply put, ACA compliance is complicated. Its ever-changing regulations are fraught with difficult-to-understand and vague stipulations. This can translate into lots of unnecessary anxiety and, as we’ve been told, quite a few sleepless nights.

Leading Edge Administrators has you covered. We help you navigate the many moving parts of ACA compliance by making the complex as simple as possible, so you not only pick the best plan for your needs, but can be confident that you’re always in compliance.

Unlike many TPAs, ACA Compliance is not a secondary offering. We are widely considered experts in the field. Our dedicated staff is constantly monitoring and interpreting new regulations and developments in every state we serve.

Leading Edge Administrators’ Compliance Adherence program is divided into three major categories to ensure that the series of filing forms and proof of coverage is properly offered and all documents of proof are properly filed. If you want to take a little deeper dive, you can learn about the individual services for:

IRS Filings
Employee tracking (via LEATRAX™)